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Where stock is available, we will prepare your order in 24 - 48 hours (wherever possible) and organise dispatch throughout France via our network of approved transport partners.

In Ile de France, our own vehicles offer quick and reliable weekly deliveries.

In RHONE ALPES and WEST BRITANNY our sales offices will fulfill orders from your nearest site.

For regular orders we will organise your delivery programme in JIT using the latest IT information system (EDI).
Technical services
We can help with the design of your products by undertaking a feasibility study and researching the most appropriate solutions to achieve the lowest production costs.

As active participants in the development of tube Standards, we can advise you on the best tube standard (EN, NF etc), grade and state of the product to meet your needs.
Our efficient system of quality management is ISO9001 certified by AFNOR/AFAQ and able to meet with a large range of requirements from all industries. It gives to our customers a high guarantee to receive a good product.
Each delivery is supplied with a certificate for the relevant standard.
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